We want Net Neutrality

From the day Internet has arrived in India it is expanding on a very high speed and these days millions of Indian people are using Internet and its services to do their work, but what if you were asked to pay nothing for a complete bullshit service whereas high amount for accessing quality services like for e.g. YouTube, Saavn etc.?

All this even after you’ve paid for the Internet Package. Unfair right?

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Board Examination

CBSE Class 10th Board Exams are nearby and I really need to get off this blog and study something.

CBSE Board Exam Schedule for Class 10th (external) is available here –



I wasn’t going to school since the end of Pre-Boards on 30th of January but I went to School yesterday on 4th of February, because there was a test to be conducted.

During Morning Assembly it was announced that this will be the last day for Class 10th, whoa, it was unexpected (we were expecting 10/02/15 to be the last day!)

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