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I wasn’t going to school since the end of Pre-Boards on 30th of January but I went to School yesterday on 4th of February, because there was a test to be conducted.

During Morning Assembly it was announced that this will be the last day for Class 10th, whoa, it was unexpected (we were expecting 10/02/15 to be the last day!)

Anyways, two things were done on the last day, first Hawan for our success in Board Exams (we weren’t enjoying it at all) and then the best part Group Photo Session.

We really tried to enjoy the last day of our Higher Schooling.

Fact: I shared my desk with the same guy who used to seat with me since first day of my school back in 2003 in Kindergarten. [Vishwajeet Raj]

PS: Group Photo is still pending, I’ll receive it once I visit school again.

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