Softwares (Windows):

Apps (iOS):

  • Pocket : I really don’t have time to read any article when I’m surfing/working.
  • WhatsApp : do I need to say the reason?
  • Saavn : beacause, I’m addicted to music! really.
  • Pushbullet : Saves my time, I can send Links; Text; Photo etc. to my iPhone and vice-versa.
  • Quora : I prefer Quora over Facebook, use it and you’ll get it.
  • Camera+, VSCOManual : These three are most used Camera Apps, I’ve many on them my iPhone.
  • & Later : I prefer Later, while has robust fetures.
  • Tailor : because, I take too many screenshots and they need to stitched up!
  • DayOne : One of my classmates made me aware of daily log.
  • Slack : To connect with my team at Hypertext.
  • Gmail, Outlook & CloudMagic : To read all of my e-mails on the go.
  • Redd & Alien Blue : I’m addicted to reddit, like any other reddit user.
  • Flappy Bird : It’s too addictive, I can’t delete it.

Extension (Chrome):

  • Pocket : to save links while surfing the web to read them later.
  • Pushbullet : to push anything to my iPhone.
  • Adblock Plus : ads are too annoying if aren’t optimised (I’ve unblocked top notch websites & blogs.)
  • Hola! : because some website’s aren’t available in India yet.
  • Streamus : I really need to save data while listening to Music on YouTube.

Other tools:


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