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Netarhat – in the nature’s heart.

Two days ago ( 16 Aug. 2014 ) I went to a Trip of Netarhat (a hill station) which is about 140 kilometers away from my town (Daltonganj). The main motto of this Trip was to visit Magnolia Point and watch the beautiful sunset. As we started our journey there was only forest on the way to Netarhat (not even a single house).

As we preceded, temperature began felling off and as we reached it was about ( 18-22 degree Celsius). The best & worst part is that there is no Network connectivity, this is best because you won’t be distracted by Call and Messages and enjoy the nature to the fullest, it is worst because you can’t reach anyone in case of emergency (only local help).

As soon as we reached Netarhat we headed towards Sunset point (about 16:00 hours) but on the way we encountered ‘Netarhat Residential School’, we had enough time before the sunset So, we decided to visit the school first then head over to sunset point.

It is a residential school built in 1954 (yes, it is too old) and it follows Hindi medium. It was once in its golden days but now it has lost its glory. (though, students are quite smart but they still can’t compete with English medium students! PS: this my individual view.)

After spending good time at school (about 40-50 minutes) we headed toward sunset point (about 9-10 kilometers from the school). As soon as we reached the sunset point we saw a platform built to watch the beautiful sunset and these was a statue of Magnolia (a British maiden with a local Shephered). There is an interesting story behind the Magnolia and the Shephered, the story  is –

According to legends, Magnolia a British maiden jumped off the along with her horse in the unfathomable depth of this valley after failing to unite with her beloved, a local Shephered (he was hanged to death, which resulted this incidence).

We spent few hours before the sunset as there was cloud all over the sky. as soon as time was 18:00 hours we were able to see a reddish sunset (not very clearly).

After spending more than 2 hours at Magnolia Point we went back to Netarhat and searched for hotel to stay there. (travelling in might is unsafe as there are wild animals). We found one rest house over there and paid 700 INR for one night. (we can’t do anything as all other hotels were full).

Next morning we packed our things and made our way back to home, in the way we got to know about a waterfall (about 20 kilometer away from Mahuadar and in different route) we went there too and OMG it was situated in a place where you will want to go only if your are adventurous and don’t get scared of wild animals, the waterfall was situated in deep forest and the only way to go there was a muddy road.

After visiting the waterfall we directly headed towards our town and reached our home.

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